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Top hotels and accommodation in Petrich
Blagoevgrad > Petrich > Bats Hotel

Prices from: 35 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: Bats Hotel is located in the town of Petrich. Petrich is 15 km. away from the frontier with Republic of Greece and 22 km. away from the frontier with Republic of Macedonia. Accommodation: The luxurious BATS complex offers to its guests 4 luxurious apartments and ...

Blagoevgrad > Petrich > Komitite hotel

Prices from: 30 € EUR | Location: Center

Location: Hotel complex Komitite is located in the village Chuchuligovo, Petrich municipality, about 1.5 km from the border with Greece and 35 km from the border of Macedonia. Check in: 02.00 PM. Check out: 12.00 PM. Accommodation: Hotel ...



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