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Sapareva Banya

Location: Sapareva Banya is situated in the south western Bulgaria at the northern foot of Rila Mountain. It is 90 km away from Sofia. The town is famous with the unique mineral water springs, one of the hottest in Europe, and the cold mountain spring waters. A hot mineral geyser, the only one on the Balkans, gushes in the center of the town. Sapareva Baia is also famous SPA resort. The marvelous mountain resort Panichishte is 16 km away from the town.

History: The history of town is closely related with the hot mineral springs. The Neolithic settlement Kremenik was founded 7 000 years ago. In the ancient times the Roman town Germanea thrived there.

Sightseeing: The hot mineral geyser is situated in the centre of the town. A large park and restaurant surround the spring. This is the only one geothermal spring on the Balkans. 18 m high jet gushes from the ground at each 20 seconds. The geyser is very attractively and picturesque illuminated during the night. Right in front the building of the municipality the “St. Nicola” church is situated. It dates back from 13th century. The visitors can see interesting archeological finds and antiques from the ancient town Germanea around the church. Sapareva Bania is starting point to many tourist routs in the spell-bounding Rila Mountain.

Photos from Sapareva Banya


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