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From P. From Bulgaria, sent on 13 June 2011
THE WORST HOTEL EVER!!!! Please costumers be aware!!! I spent three days at the resort and I could not believe the attitude and rudeness of the personnel. Everybody was extremely agitated and upset never smiling and so rude. Let alone the fact that the bathroom was nasty. There was the tape over the toilet that should indicate it has been disinfected however, there was poop all over when i picked up the seat. I requested a meeting with the owner since she was walking and introducing herself. Mrs. Yosifova must be the dumbest owner of hotel I have ever met. She must not understand that in her business costumer satisfaction is the most important thing. Wow i was amazed that somebody would let a person like her control a whole hotel!!! When i explained about the dirty toilet she said it was impossible and refused to come and see it. The only good thing about the hotel was the manager Nevena Arizanova. Her attitude and worm smile made me reconsider leaving at this instant. She came to the room and made sure that the right people knew about the mishap with the bathroom and put me in a new room. I hope Mrs. Yosifova understands that if it is not for that girl she would loose a lot of clients and repeat business. Horrible horrible experience!!!
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