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From Madalina Matei From Ireland, sent on 30 July 2010
We stayed at LTI Estreya July 2010

The hotel room was clean and that was very good but, we had to ASK for our towells to be changed daily, we had to ASK for toiletries (one day I had to go ask for toilet paper!!), we had to ASK for our room to be cleaned. When the cleaning happend, it was made with a broom and water (no cleaning products). The bath in the bathroom was unsecured in the wall. If you'd give your children a bath ad sit on the edge, the bath would actually move and it did look like it would tip over. In the morning, leaving for breakfast, the hallways would smell like clorine, extremly strong smell. During the day and cleaning, they would leave the trolley with the garbage in the hallway, luckily for us having the room in the middle of the hallway, in front of our room. The shower door fell twice, the handle on the shower would come out of the screw each time you'd pull it.

Also, I booked a hotel room with internet access. When I arrived I asked for internet, I was given a wire and I have been told "it may or not work". Since I payed for a room with internet and that was advertised, you can imagine that I wasnt very happy with the lack of internet access.

I have also booked a room with a safebox. Arriving there I am finding out there is an extra charge of 25 leva on the safebox. I payed for it but in my view, it was false advertising.

The second pool, the one for children was empty from wends onwards. My children ended up getting a cold due to the fact that the water is the pool that was active was very cold at all times.

The service very very poor. I understand there may be a language barrier and not everybody speaks english, but what exactly stops them from smiling when serving you? The guy at the pool acted like he'd be bothered each time you'd ask for a drink and he would dismiss you with a wave of his hand when you thanked him. Extremly unpolite and unprofessional. On the same note, poor service, we arrived after 2pm. I went downstairs to get some food for my kids. I was told the restaurant is closed so I have to wait until 6 pm to get my kids fed. I told them I do not care for their program and I need food so after some fuss I was given some food. But for this incident, the cheif of the waitresses gave me ugly looks for the rest of the week. Being in my holiday, I did not necessarily wanted to feel unwelcomed in that restaurant each time I'd move through it to get my food.

The restaurant choice of food was limited and I am sorry to say dissapointed and a health issue. The cakes are being kept in completly unsuitable conditions, not refrigerated, in the middle of the room not even close to some sort of air conditioning or anything like this! Same goes for the boiled eggs in the morning. The soup from today would be served tonight and TOMORROW as well if there was any left. The compots were sometimes uneatable because they turned sour. Also the choice of food for children was very poor and very unhealthy. I never seen chicken nuggets made of saugage. I've seen it now! They would serve one night rice and one night some sort of boiled potatoes (that were way too salty). From the cakes I heard several guests complaining about bad bowels.

The program of the restaurant was very bad as well. Considering you sometimes cater for people coming from Ireland and UK who are two hours behind here and some children are small so they eat conforming their own routine, having a restaurant opened from 12-2 pm and 6-8pm is not helpful at all. When you add to that the fact that you are forbidden to take food from the restaurant to your room, makes it even more difficult to feed the kids. For me it was a pain to feed them because I was simply trying to shuffle food down their throats at the completly wrong times. We have lunch at 2 pm (4 pm in Bulgaria) and dinner at 7pm (9pm). Also extremly unhelpful the fact that they were closing down the doors from restaurant to the hotel. If you have a buggy, the other option is to move around the hotel or take the long stairs up towards the lobby.

On this note, after eating some chicken and some cheesecake I went into anaphylactic shock, aquirred a lovely acute urticaria which costed extra to get under control.

Leaving the hotel, I did not have a bill waiting for me. They asked me for my credit card twice, nodded their head when they discovered there was an additional charge on a phone call I made to the states, I got charged for dialling the number!! Then, when I got my luggage, they came running that there may be another charge on the bar. My daughter who's 5 drank two Fanta's that I did not know about. They actually acted like I was trying to leave without paying 6 leva for it. Since I gave them the card twice, I didnt understand the attitude. Also when I did hand over my card, they took 10 mins to figure out what to do with it. I do expect from any hotel to have a full bill at the end of my stay and not to go through such a fuss over 6 leva. Considering the fact that with my health problem created by THEM, and their unhealthy food storing conditions, my holiday ended up costing me a lot over the room price, I have trust in myself that I wouldnt have left without paying them 3 euros.

The sea is not 50 metres from the hotel as advertised, its a good 10 mins walk and there is NO beach that belongs to the hotel. So to go to the beach which is very small, you'd have to pay extra charges for umbrellas, relaxchairs and so on.

In my oppinion this hotel should not be recommended to anyone and not only that but there should be a change of management. There are two seperate managers in the hotel. One for the hotel who is old and need a lot of brushing up to customer service and another one for the restaurant who totally needs some studies in food safety!!

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