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From François du Bruyn From South Africa, sent on 23 July 2008
I presume that tourists stay in the new Nessebar when visiting you. What is happening in the new Nessebar? Is it a dirty or a place to be ashamed of? Why doesn't anybody (except hotel advertisers) publish anything on the "new" Nessebar? That is where a tourist would spend more time than in the old Nessebar. At the most the old Nessebar is an item on a list of sights to be seen. Yes, it probably is one of the most important historical places in the world but I am not goiing there without knowing in detail where I am going to stay and spend my "residential" part of my holiday. What does the new Nessebar offer the tourist? Sights? Shopping? Culture? Transport(air, water, rail and road)? Was the new Nessebar well, average, poorly or not at all maintained over the past ten/twenty years? Other information applicable to tourists? Must a departure tax be paid when leaving Bulgaria? Tax free shopping? etc etc etc


François du Bruyn
South Africa
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