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Location: The small town Ahtopol is situated 87 kilometers south of Bourgas. The beautiful mouth of Veleka River is just 4 kilometers away of the resort. It has two long and picturesque beaches. The water tends to be warmer (around 25 °C) and more placid and the off-the-beaten-path beaches allow the opportunity for nude bathing.

History: Its name dates back from ancient times. In the past it was a Thracian settlement. Later on the Romans called it Perontikus. The now existing town was rebuilt after a huge fire in 1918 when everything was destroyed. There are also interesting remains from a Roman stronghold wall.
Some very ancient coins were found near the town, including emissions from some European countries.
Interesting site is the Church “Assumption” and “St. Yane” monastery.

Vicinities: Four kilometers south of Ahtopol is the magnificent mouth of Veleka River. Close to it is the small village Kosti famous for the Nestinarski dances, held there.
Varvara village is 3 kilometers north of the site. It is the favorite place for divers, because of the rocky underwater cavities an reefs, formed by shells and other water species.
Tourists who want to experience unforgettable adventure holiday in a desolated site among virgin nature will be more than satisfied here.
South to the border holidaymakers can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Sinemorets, Silistar and Rezovo.

Transport: There is regular bus and minibus transport to Bourgas (passing through most of the towns and villages in the southern part of the coast) and the nearby towns of Sinemoretz and Rezovo to the south.

Photos from Ahtopol


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