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Arbanassi village is situated 4 km north east of Veliko Tarnovo, on a high plateau which reveals beautiful view to Tsarevets and Trapezitsa hills. The village is very popular tourist destination with its remarkable old houses and churches with detailed wooden ornaments and wall – paintings. The whole complex is a monument of the Bulgarian architectural art and it was built during the period 16 – 18 century, when Arbanassi is in its apogee. That’s why Arbanasi is declared to be historical settlement of national significance.

History: The first written document about Arbanassi is the chronicle of the Turkish sultan Suleiman Velikolepni from 1538. There are different suggestions about where the name and the population of Arbanasi came from. It is supposed to be settled by the Bulgarian boyars and their serfs from the western part of Bulgaria, after the great victory of Ivan Asen II at Klokotnitsa in 1230, when he conquered the Arbanashka land. A flourishing state of economy and culture Arbanassi reached during the 17 – 18 century. The natives were merchants and craftsmen. Silkworms were bred there. The merchants exported silk to Istanbul and Italy. The wine – growing is also typical for the region.

Landmarks: The whole complex is a remarkable site. The famous Arbanassi houses are unique. The oldest buildings are similar with the Tarnovo boyar house. They are like small fortresses, completely madIMe of stone. They have strong stone gates and sentry – boxes.
It is not only the remarkable houses that are very interesting in Arbanassi. There are spectacular fountains with big eaves – Kokonska and Pazarska fountains and the seven Arbanassi churches are among the most – remarkable monuments of the Bulgarian art.

Photos from Arbanassi


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