06 September - Unification Day

Unification Day on 6 September is a national holiday of Bulgaria. It commemorates the unification of Eastern Rumelia and Bulgaria in 1885.
It was coordinated of the Bulgarian Secret Revolutionary Committee (BSRC). The unification became a fact after several rebellions in different towns in Eastern Roumelia followed by military take-over patronized by price Alexander I. After the unification Bulgaria and Eastern Roumelia had joint government, a parliament, administration and army. It provoked Russia’s disapproval and with its support several days later on 2nd November 1885 Serbia assaulted Bulgaria. After 3 days of combats near Slivnitsa on 7th November the Bulgarian army won the battles. On 19th February 1886 in Bucharest was signed the treaty which restored the pre-war borderlines with Serbia. By this treaty the unification received an international recognition.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net