3th of March - the Liberation Day

3th of March is the National Holiday of Bulgaria and it is day when Bulgarians celebrate the Liberation from the Turkish slavery.

After five, dark centuries of slavery, the Russian troops, supported by Romanian, Finland armies and Bulgarian volunteer force won the freedom of our country. The military operations lasted 1 year and the Russian-Turkish Liberation War was over on the 3th of March 1878 with the Treaty of San Stefano. The treaty set up an autonomous self-governing tributary principality Bulgaria with a Christian government and the right to keep an army. Its territory included the plain between the Danube River and the Balkan Mountain Range (Stara Planina), the region of Sofia, Pirot and Vranje in the Morava valley, Northern Thrace, parts of Eastern Thrace and nearly all of Macedonia. But the national pride was smashed by the Congress of Berlin which separated the independent lands of Bulgaria to Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Roumelia- under the political and military domination of the Ottoman Empire. Bulgaria unites the divided territories on the 6th of September 1885s.

3th of March is official non working day. The holiday is marked by impressive war parades and festal program on the Shipka peak in Central Balkan Mountain Range. The glorious hill was the spot of ferocious battles of the Bulgarian volunteers and Russian army against the Turkish troops.

Holiday offers for the National Holiday of Bulgaria.



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