25 December - Christmas Day

Christmas (Koleda) is a continuation of Christmas Eve – the last day of the Long Lent and starts in midnight with a ritual called Koleduvane.

In Koleduvane take part newly married, young men and fiancés called Koledari. The preparation begins from Ignazhden (20th December) - they study the Christmas songs, form the Christmas groups of Koledari, set the leaders of the groups.

The time for Koleduvane is strictly determined by the tradition – from midnight until sunrise on Christmas day. At the same time it is believed that supernatural creatures –vampires, ghouls and goblins come out and walk around. The Koledari, chase them up through the ritual songs. During the night they go from house to house, sing songs wishing health, happiness and rich harvest. The householders give them ritual breads, called kravai (ring-shaped bun). It is a tradition on Christmas day a pig to be slaughtered. Women knead ritual bread with a coin put into it. The one who takes the piece with the coin will be healthy and lucky through the year. The table stays set all day long, ready for everyone who visits the family. Another symbol of Christmas is the Christmas tree. On the eve of Christmas the whole family takes part in the decoration of the tree – garlands, silver balls, angels and many fairy lights are put on it.

Christmas Holiday offers.



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