Bulgaria is situated on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe. The country borders by Romania on the north, Serbia and Macedonia on the west, by Greece and Turkey on the south, and it is about on the Black Sea on the east.
The republic of Bulgaria covers a territory of 110 993 square kilometres. The average altitude of the country is 470 m above the sea level.

Bulgaria has a varied relief and the alpine regions are situated mostly in the southern part of the country. Stara Planina divides Bulgaria on two almost equal parts and it is a natural barrier that protects the southern part from the cold northern currents. The Danube Plain spreads to the north while the Valley of Roses and the Thracian lowland are to the south.

Rila is the highest mountain in Bulgaria and the highest peak on the Balkans, Musala – 2925 m, is rising above. It is then followed by the Pirin mountain with Vihren peak – 2914 m, and Rodopi mountain and Vitosha mountain are also with alpine relief. The mountains Sredna gora in the central part of the country, Strandzha and Sakar in Southeastern Bulgaria, and Osogovo in Southwestern Bulgaria are lower but they are picturesque as well and preserve beautiful nature.

The Bulgarian seacoast is also very attractive. About 25 % of the coast line is covered with fine golden sands and many remarkable sea resorts attract numerous tourists.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net