The Black sea in Bulgaria

Proud of its unique heritage, Bulgaria is a splendid combination of wonderful nature, interesting history and matchless culture.

The Black sea is actually the Bulgarian eastern border. The seacoast has a length of 378 km with golden beaches. It is diverse with numerous natural landmarks, such as cliffs, wet zones, lakes and rivers, wide sand beaches and dunes.
The numerous resort complexes, tourism sites, scattered all around Bulgaria have different natural conditions. That is why every resort has its own special features, which make the conditions for tourism and recreation different and unique.

The black sea can be described as a typical continental sea.
Above all this is the rich biodiversity. The whole coastline is part of the great bird migration route Via Pontica.
The night and day temperature amplitudes and the thermal fluctuation of the water surface have huge, tangible and proved balneology significance. The optimum climate conditions combined with the balneology role of the sea, the local breeze circulation and the gorgeous beaches illustrate the significant esthetic, ecological potential of the Bulgarian Black seacoast for recreation and relax.

The Black Sea Coast

The Bulgarian black sea coast is extremely beautiful, diverse and has everything needed to provide the most sophisticated taste a pleasant, incredible and unique holiday during the spring, summer and autumn. The mild climate, the nice warm sea, specious sandy beaches, rich sun, light sea breeze…

All this combined with the cool green parks, forests and gardens, healing mineral springs, picturesque rocky cliffs and romantic bays, firths and lagoons…

The history of the lands nearby the black sea coast is rich and ancient. Many and different tribes lived here. Remains from the life of Thracians, Byzantines, Turks, and Bulgarians can be found here. Remains from ancient settlements, wholly places, churches and monasteries, unique finds from different historical epochs are found here. Very interesting are the legends for the sea and the people.
Today 25% from our Black sea coast is taken by the resorts. Many of them still have the prestige international sign “Blue flag”, a distinction which is given by the world foundation for ecological education for the best beaches and yacht bays.

Along the 378 kilometers long Bulgarian coast line everyone can find a place for himself.
The summer season along the Bulgarian coastline is live and exciting. Visitors from all over the world enjoy wild parties in the fashionable hotspots on the seaside.



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