The Rila Mountain

Every single mountain in Bulgaria enchants with its own charm and uniqueness, diverse flora and fauna, crystal clear lakes and of course fresh air and thick forests.
The mountains in the southern part of the country are generally divided in few massifs:
- Rilo- Rodopian Massif, which includes Rila, Pirin, Rodopite Mounatin, as well as the less popular Slavyanka and Stargach.

• The Rila Mountain is situated in the southwestern part of Bulgaria. To the south it is divided from the Pirin Mountain through the picturesque saddle “Predela”, to the north it is connected with Verila Mountain with the Klisura saddle. To the east the Rila Mountain reaches the valley of the Struma River and to the northeast it reaches the beautiful valley of the Maritsa river. It also reaches the Rodope Mountains to the southeast.

The Rila Mountain is the highest mountain in Bulgaria and the whole Balkan Peninsula. The highest point of the mountain is Mousala peak (2925 m).
The most visited part of the mountain is northwestern Rila, where the circus with the popular seven Rila lakes is situated. The famous Rila monastery is also situated in this part of the mountain.

The National Park Rila is situated in the Rila Mountain. It comprises a total area of 81 046 hectares and is the biggest of all three National Parks in the country and also one of the biggest in Europe. The park takes the southwestern part of Bulgaria on the territory of four regional centers. These are Blagoevgrad region, Sofia region, Pernik region and Kuystendil region.

Famous tourism resorts in the mountain are:

- Samokov - a wonderful mountain town with mountain spirit and is rich of historical and religious sightseeing right at the foot of the Rila Mountain on the main road to Borovets mountain resort.
- Borovets – the oldest and most popular mountain resort in Bulgaria. It offers great conditions for winter sports and numerous hiking and rock climbing routes.
- Malyovitsa – famous as the best site for tourism and alpinism in Bulgaria.
- Govedartsi – the small village of Govedartsi offers great opportunities for relaxing holiday in the mountain amidst crystal clear air and beautiful virgin nature. The resort also offers a small ski slope for beginners and intermediates.
- Rila Monastery – a famous tourism site in the heart of the Rila Mountain, offering great opportunities for religious tours and hiking trips.
- Kostenets resort - situated just a few kilometres further south from Borovets winter resort. It offers virgin nature, crystal clear air and mineral water. Several small hotels are always ready to pamper visitors.
- Dolna Banya – situated just several kilometres away from Borovets mountain resort and offers mild climate and healing mineral water.
- Sapareva Bania - famous with the unique mineral water springs, one of the hottest in Europe.
- Panichishte – a great ski and hiking resort right next to the Sapareva Banya resort.
- Kovachevtsi – attractive mountain resort in the western part of the Rila Mountain, nearby the Pchelina dam.
- Beli Iskar – beautiful village, suitable for relaxing holiday amidst virgin nature, also a starting point to numerous hiking routes to the Musala peak.
- Semkovo - offers excellent opportunities for winter sports and summer mountain tourism.
- Razlog - situated in the Razlojka valley in the bosoms of three mountains- Rila to the north, Pirin to the south and west and Rodope to the east.
- Ski centre Bodrost – Blagoevgrad – situated just 30 km away from the regional centre Blagoevgrad, a starting point to numerous hiking routes in Rila Mountain, also offers perfect conditions for skiing for beginners.



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