Visa Requirements for Bulgaria

Entry requirements: foreign person can enter the Republic of Bulgaria only if they have valid papers.
These are:
• A passport or other alternative document allowing him to travel abroad.
• An entry permit - either entry or transit visa.
A visa is not required if there is a bilateral agreement between Bulgaria and the native country of the visitor. Currently no visas are required from citizens of European Union member states for a period up to 90 days.

Issuing and validity of visas
Entry or transit visas are issued by the diplomatic or consulate offices abroad. Some types of visas can be issued also at the border check-points at the entry to Bulgaria.

Important: Foreigners must register their address of residence at the authorities of the administrative control, within 48 hours of their entrance in Bulgaria.

Foreigners can stay in Bulgaria for short-term stay and for long-term residence.
Short-term stay is up to 90 days counted from the entrance day. The authorities of the administrative control can extend the term.
Long-term residence is:
1. Prolonged stay – with allowed term up to 1 year.
2. Permanent stay – indefinite period of time.

Visa Application Procedure:
Short-Stay Visa (Type C Visa) for Bulgaria

See contacts of all foreign embassies in Bulgaria.



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