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Location: Asparuhovo village is situated 85 km away from Varna and just 48 km away from Karnobat. The village is situated at foot of Stara Planina Mountain, on the bank of Luda Kamchia River.

History: Asparuhovo Village is one of the oldest districts in Varna region. According to archaeology data the village existed ever since VII – IX century. Until the beginning of XX it was known under the name Ovchaga – named under the fortress of the rural leader Ivailo. Later on the village was moved, but some of the old houses formed an architectural ethnographic complex.

Historical landmarks: Velcha, Lepino Buche, Razkrachenitza and Goroloma picturesque sites, the natural phenomenon Chudnite Skali (Wonder Rocks), the natural fortifications Ussoe, Grada (The Town), Krastota, The Monastery are well known for long time. There are ancient rocks of Bulgarian strongholds and monasteries. In the region one can find several mediaeval monasteries cut in the rocks, as well as medium ancient castles. Some of them are:

- Royashki Monastery – mediaeval monastery cut in the rock;
- Old Arkhovna – late ancient Celtic castle;
- The rocks of the historic St. Atanas monastery.

The Ethnographic Complex in Asparukhovo village is at special interest, The old monastery school from the Bulgarian Renaissance and the stone church from 1857 are moved from their original places on the bottom of the Tzonevo Dam Lake and build up in their original shape. There are 3 more old country houses, moved in the same way, where ethnographic expositions could be seen, which represent the life and culture of the local people. The restored country houses keep the beauty of the old-time Bulgarian villages. The restored houses are built in the well-known Kamchiya-style, which is a true artist work, due to the individuality and abilities of the self-taught past-masters.



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