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Location: Assenovgrad is situated in the Western part of the Upper Thracian Lowland, in the northern foot of Rodopi Mountains, along the two banks of Asenitsa River. The town is located 170 km away from Sofia and 20 km south of Plovdiv. Asenovgrad is one of the popular sacral towns in Bulgaria. It has very interesting historical past. Nearby the famous Assenova Fortress and many churches and monasteries are found.

History: An ancient medieval settlement and later a medieval village were found on the territories of Assenovgrad. Within the surroundings of the town many mounds with precious objects were found. There is also a total of 11 churches, 53 chapels and 4 monasteries in Asenovgrad.
The most popular and the oldest monastery is Bachkovo Monastery "The Assumption of the Holy Virgin". The "St. Martyr Nedelya" monastery, near the village of Zlatovrach, is the only one built in the fields during the Ottoman yoke. Another monastery near the Gorno Voden neighbourhood is "St. Martyrs Kirik and Julita".

Landmarks: Assenovata Fortress is situated 2 km away from Asenovgrad on a steep, rocky hillside, towering above the left bank of the Asenitsa River. The fortress is situated on four terraces. Until now the archeological excavations specified some basic buildings in the citadel: a tower, a storage reservoir, a chapel. In the past the fortress was known as Petrich, Stenimahos and Scribencion. Back in times the stronghold of Assenovgrad was often a guard for the Bulgarian national traits and for the Slav's culture in general. Because of its inaccessibility from the west side, also from the north and south, the fortress served as a means of natural protection. Nowadays the fortress is beautiful tourist attractions, magnificent and powerful, catching the eye from above the hill.
The museum of history is another spot for tourist. Definitely an interesting attraction is the Paleontology museum, which is hosting exhibits of skeletons and fossils of animals, which used to live 8 million years ago. Another museum worth to be seen is the Vine and Winery Museum. Saint Joan Predtecha Church (dates back to the 13th Century), St. George Church, St. Holy Church and St. Dimitar Church are just few of the religious spots, that deserves your attention, while you are in Assenovgrad.

Vicinities: 13 km from Assenovgrad a cult centre with Thracian rock sanctuaries is found. 9 km away from Bachkovo Monastery “Chervenata Stena” Biosphere Reserve is spread on total are of 3029 decares. Many of the plants, growing are included in the Red Book of Endangered Species in Bulgaria.

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