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Bulgaria's Balchik Palace visited by 400 000 people in 2010

novinite.com, 07.04.2011, 11:35 AM

The "Palace" complex in the Bulgarian Black Sea resort of Balchik had 400 000 visitors in 2010, both Bulgarian and foreign tourists, according to its management.

Balchik's Palace is a complex built in 1924 by Queen Maria of Romania at a time when the region of Southern Dobrudzha was part of Romania (1918-1940).

It was subsequently integrated with the Balchik Botanical Garden to become one of the most famous touristic sites along Bulgaria's Black Sea coast.

A record number of tourists visited the Balchik Palace complex in August 2010, its director Toshko Gyaurov announced in the northeastern city of Dobrich.

Gyaurov voiced expectations that every month in the summer of 2011 will be just as successful for the Balchik complex as was August 2010. He said the complex registered revenue of BGN 2.5 M in 2010.



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