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Royal Wine House at Balchik’s Palace keeps age old collection


The Royal Wine House in The Palace Architecture & Park Complex in the Black Sea town of Balchik keeps a unique wine collection more than a century old.

The oldest wine dates back to 1878. More than 150 original bottles from end - 19 c. to 1924 are part of the collection. The wines were found by chance buried in the sand beneath the rubble of an old house. The collection is not for sale though a few collectors are keen to buy it.

A 1894 red Gamza from Pleven, a 1909 white and a 50-year-old brandy with medals from international competitions made by families, wineries and cooperatives display the traditions of Bulgarian wine-making.

The Royal Wine House keeps close to 5000 of Bulgarian wines. It is a tourist attraction apart from wine-tasting sessions with wines that can only be tasted in Balchik.



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