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The guest reviews are submitted by our customers after their stay at Belmont Aparthotel
General Rating 3.4 3.4/5 Average from 52 Reviews
Hotel Staff 3.2 3.2/5
Services / Facilities 3.1 3.1/5
Location 3.6 3.6/5
Value for Money 3.7 3.7/5
Comments on Belmont Aparthotel

Maja Radovanovic from Serbia, sent on 10 February 2016 3.2

More or less, evrything was fine, except cleaning services which are very slow.
As a couple with small kids, who should have their rest at the second half of the day, our apartment was just cleaned twice for seven days, as the cleaning lady comes at 15 o'clock when kids are resting and could not do the cleaning. While on Saturday she did not come at all.

Razvan Camuescu from Romania, sent on 10 February 2015



Suzanne Blair from UK, sent on 27 January 2015

Im sorry to say our hotel was not great but staff friendly and tried to help with our problems.

Beatrice Finaru from Romania, sent on 7 January 2014


Very pool hotel.

Joshua Sturgill , sent on 25 January 2013 4.5

Great staff and the shuttle to the gondola was a great plus.

James Sanderson from UK, sent on 28 November 2012 3.5

Our room was clean and very warm during the whole stay. The staff were helpful and polite. But the location is not the best one - there are regular buses to the gondola, but at night time is about ten minutes walk to the town center and the nightlife.

Dana Vusca from Romania, sent on 27 February 2012 3.2

It's for the second time when I booked this hotel with you, and more than that, I reccommended it for my friends. I was disapointed this year, because I got angry, I had to make some complaints to solve some ussual stuff, like having water to drink in the restaurant. Actually the food was too cold all the time and I consider the microwave oven useful, if it happens one time to be in the restaurant at closing time. The boiled eggs in the morning were cold, the grilled chichen just brought was cold:( We need to ask everytime for a bowl, for yougurt, for a lot of things. Not all the people in the restaurant spoke English, and when I asked for a manager, a 50 years old lady listened to me, and at the end I realized that she din't understand anything. The superior of this old lady understood me finally and she tried to change the situation by installing a water machine in the restaurant and offering chocolates to the kids. I assure you that this change was appreciated by a lot of people. From this young manager I expected a more proffesional approach, eg presenting herself and invite me to sit down in her office, but in the future, hopefully, she will improve her attidude, as she will understand that without customers the business does not exists. The answer " the water is not included in the 8 EUR for a dinner is just not acceptable. Maybe it's for the last time when I visit this hotel. The elevator did not work at all, maybe 2 days out of 11. In the rooms the dust is leaving with us.. maybe a vacuum cleaner must be provided. About the person who helped me with rezervation - Marina Blajeva- she was a very kind and helpful with us, she gave us all the information required. Thank you.

Mihaela Stefanescu from Romania, sent on 22 February 2012 3.5

First of all I would like to thank Marina Blazheva who is a real professional!
At the Hotel the first room we got was really small and noisy, even though they knew that we are 2 adults and a child. Next day, the personnel was kind enough to move us to another room, more spacious and in a more quiet wing. We really appreciated that but it would've been nicer if they would think about it in the first place.
The baby cot wasnt in the room as we asked in the first place, it came next day but again, they bought a new one especially for us, and we appreciated that.
The elevator was working from time to time, it wasn't really a problem during the stay but still we would've appreciated if it would work when we left because it wasnt easy to carry the entire luggage on the stairs.
The food in the restaurant was ok, bunt not very various, and generally already cold. We did appreciated the cakes :-)
They didn't serve any water or soft drinks at the dinner, we had to ask for water and we were served with water from the sink. The water was good but it would have been smarter if they would have put some big cups of water at tourist discretion saying that their water is pure and good. Any way due to other tourist complaints they put a water dispenser in the restaurant.
As a conclusion it was a good value for money, personnel was nice enough to fix on the way things that tourist complaint about. Next time I hope things will be better from that point of view.

Zlatko Ivanovski from Macedonia, sent on 14 February 2012 3.5

We did not received fresh towels during whole stay there. Upon our request we managed to get some on the last day. Everything else was great.

Megan Lindsay from UK, sent on 13 February 2012

1.8 1.8

We had one hot plate that did not work. We had to go and get our own bowls to use from the Grand Montana (I first went to reception there to explain and then the restaurant). We booked the sauna and steam room for our own hotel and it was not turned on and ready. For everything it seemed we were told "go to Grand Montana". Problem that the pool temperature in Belmont was good but there was no jacuzzi as advertised and the pool and jacuzzi at Grand Montana was too cold to relax like you should be able ot in a "hot tub" - jacuzzi. So it was poor value as not everything worked and there was no real concept of service from the staff.

from BG, sent on 16 March 2011 3.5

Very cold on the pool area.

KESELMAN MICHAEL from Israel, sent on 14 March 2011

We would like to keep in touch with your company.

Best Regards
Michael, Nadia, Yair

Bojan Šoštarić from serbia, sent on 9 March 2011 4.8

I want to thank you for the great holiday we spent in Bansko. Everything was fine and your assistance was excellent. We will repeat it again next year.

Zaric Jovan from Serbia, sent on 8 March 2011 4.2

You must have better ski storage.

Catalin Stoian from Romania, sent on 16 February 2011 4.5

I spent a very good time in Bansko, the second time.
Bansko is the best destination for a ski lover in Bucharest.
The people there are kind, friendly and the town is lovely.
Unfortunately, the prices have increased in the shops since last year, but the accomodation in the hotel was very good.

Oana Satmari from romania, sent on 13 February 2011 3.5

The jacuzzi was in another hotel and the water was very cold. Also, there was only one elevator and sometimes i had to use the stairs.
The cleaning women didn't speak English at all.

Corneliu Luscalov from Bucharest - Romania, sent on 10 February 2011

1.5 1.5

A + for bulgariaski.com (as usual) and a big - for Belmont who is not at all a 4* hotel, personal with poor EN knowledges, very small rooms (even a 1+1 bedroom apartment), not so nice location (a lot of "new" hotels still in construction) a lack of parking places, disastrous breakfast a + for hot water and heating and a huge thanks for very good wheatear, good ski slopes, good organization Hiel Ulen

Corneliu Luscalov from Bucharest - Romania, sent on 8 February 2011

1.2 1.2

A + for bulgariaski.com (as usual - hi boryana, vladimir) and a big - for Belmont who is not at all a 4* hotel, personal with poor EN knowledges, very small rooms (even a 1+1 bedroom apartment is small), not at all nice location (a lot of "new" hotels still in construction) a lack of parking places, disastrous breakfast a + for hot water and heating and a huge thanks for very good wheatear, good ski slopes, good organization Hiel Ulen

Ruxandra-Gabriela Hamangiu from Romania, sent on 25 January 2011 3.5

Likes about BulgariaSki.com:
- flexibility
- Ms. Marina Blazheva
was very competent and did all the best and met my expectations
- it was a very nice surprise that Ms. Marina Blazheva replied to me in Romanian :)

Don't likes about BulgariaSki.com:
- the menu on the web site looks different for each resort and this is very confusing (for ex. the maps of the sloapes are under different names and in different subfolders of the menu:
BANSKO => "Ski Zone Maps" under "SKI INFO" subfolder,
BOROVETS => "Map of ski runs" under "INFO" subfolder,
CHEPELARE => "Pistes" under "INFO" subfolder,
PAMPOROVO => "Pamporovo ski runs" under "SERVICES" subfolder,

- some maps have very bad resolution (Chepelare)

Likes about BELMONT Hotel:
- very good heating of the room
- very good cleaning service
- tasty breakfasts and dinners
- big enough parking space

Don't likes about BELMONT Hotel:
- in the bedroom and bathroom it was mildew (fungi)
- the water in the swimming pool and jacuzzi was too cold
- pore variety of the dishes at breakfast and dinner (95% of the dishes were the same all the 7 days long)

Soare Cristian from Romania, sent on 7 January 2010

2.82.8 2.8

no parking


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