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The guest reviews are submitted by our customers after their stay at Murite Club Hotel
General Rating 3.4 3.4/5 Average from 9 Reviews
Hotel Staff 3.6 3.6/5
Services / Facilities 3.6 3.6/5
2.72.7 2.7 2.7/5
Value for Money 3.8 3.8/5
Comments on Murite Club Hotel

Barbara Gebala from Poland, sent on 24 March 2015 3.8

Overly sattisfied with the hotel. There was a small issue with the safe at the beginning of our stay (safe was locked from previous occupants) and noone seemed to know how to resolve the problem. Eventually we got a new safe. A little frustrating but resolved non the less.
One comment about the confirmation of booking. Although I had no problem contacting BulgariaSki services by email, It would have been more settling to receive confirmation on transport arrangements out right. Instead I was a bit worried on how/who will collect us from the airport (nevertheless quickly resolved when I emailed you). In any case, We had a great time in Bulgaria and will likely be using BulgariaSki again to book our stay next season.

Clem Heany from UEA, sent on 14 March 2011 3.5

I stayed in Pirin House. The a la carte menu was excellent. The buffet was appallingly bad - no imagination whatsoever, no variation, cold, like eating in an army barracks only worse. A disgrace to this otherwise good hotel.

The website mentioned that there was a free shuttle to the gondola. This was correct - there was. But the website neglected to mention that the hotel is 10 kms from the gondola and therefore 10 kms outside Bansko. That is a very serious omission on the website. There was virtually no other transport between the hotel and Bansko - other than very expensive taxis - thus making hotel guests "prisoners" in the hotel.

The facilities available at the Spa were excellent.


Bansko 2 28/04/2012 15:00



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