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Bansko Hosts Burton Amateur Snowboard Tour

For third year in a row Bulgaria's winter resort of Bansko will host round of Burton Amateur Tour (AMT) - the biggest snowboard competition for nonprofessionals in Europe.
With a total of 19 rounds in 15 countries, the third edition will be more impressive and the prizes more attracting than ever.

Each one of the winners in every round will receive guaranteed start position in the next edition of Burton European Open - the oldest European snowboard competition.

The event will take place...

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150 Texas tourists to arrive in Bansko

150 tourists from Texas were to arrive in Bansko, Bansko mayor Alexander Kravarov said.

These were the first US tourists to arrive on an organised trip to the winter resort, Focus new agency said. They were ski teachers and every year they would organise a meeting at some resort around the world. This year they picked Bansko.

The Texas tourists would arrive on January 26 and stay for a week. Apart from skiing, they would also take part in the Praznik na banskoto meze (Feast of the Bansko...

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Development of tourism in Bansko - the most preferred winter destination in Bulgaria

Over 70 km ski slopes, cabin lift, 23 lifts, drug lifts and super hotels, Bansko – № 1 winter resort on the Balkans.

197 luxurious clubs and 11 500 beds provide comfort to visitors...

The capacity of the cabin lift is 2000 persons per hour.

Bansko offers the best conditions for sport and entertainment in Bulgaria, with 70 km perfectly maintained ski slopes and 25 km fast and comfortable lifts net. The ski slopes in the fastest developing winter resort are 19,...

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Bulgaria's Simitli Opens Traditional Koukeri Fest in Bulgaria

More than 1,500 masked well-wishers (koukeri), aged between two and 80 took part in the traditional fair on Saturday in Bulgaria's town Simitli.

The fest was organized for the fifth year in a row by the local municipality. The event was held at the town's stadium.

Koukeri from Bulgaria's neighboring country Macedonia and people from the nearby village of Sushitsa joined the fair.

At this year's event the organizers gave a special award dedicated to one of the victims of a blast at...

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Seven Golf Courses to Mushroom Near Bansko

Seven new golf courses are being built on the territory of Bansko and Razlog resorts. "Our ultimate goal is attracting wealthy lovers of this aristocratic sport from all over Europe. This way we'll be able to profit from tourism around the year," Lyuben Tatarski, Razlog Municipality Mayor, explained. The first golf facility is supposed to be operational this spring.

It also transpired that the joint venture Razlog Municipality and the local construction company Balkanstroy set up, is about...

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Top Skiers Open Season in Bulgaria's Bansko

Alpine ski top stars were guests to the official opening of the new season in Bulgaria's biggest winter resort Bansko on Saturday.

Six-time Olympic and five-time world ski champion Janica Kostelic together with four-time Olympic champion Kjetil Andre Aamodt and 5-time world champion Marc Girardelli demonstrated their skills on the hardest ski run bearing the name of the legendary Alberto Tomba.

The guests were very pleased by the conditions the resort provides and by the plenty of snow...

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Snow Fireworks and High Spirits at the Opening of the Ski Season in Bansko

An unforgettable experience starts in December, the month of the never ending winter holidays. On the 15th of December a constellation of ski and snowboard masters will open the ski season 2007/08 in Bansko. The forthcoming snow fall also will contribute to the perfect atmosphere.

The show program starts at 11.30 at Bunderishka Polyana site. Yanitsa Kostelich Kjetil André Aamodt and Marc Ghirardelli will prove their high level skills and mostly the perfect winter sports conditions in the...

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Bulgarian Village Stake On Wine Tourism

The mayor of Bulgarian Novo selo village (Vidin district, North Western Bulgaria) has complex plan for the tourism development in the region.
Novo selo is famous worldwide with 'Gumza' wine sort. The new strategy focuses straightly to taking samples from home made wine.

The tourists will be welcomed in the farmers' personal cellars, where they will have the chance to taste the heavy elixir.

Kuwaiti businessmen already expressed interest to the village. Six UK families who live in...

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More than 2000 skiers tried the slopes on Bansko

The unofficial start of the ski season in Bansko was marked on 1st December. Over 2000 ski and snowboard lovers tried the slopes under Todorka peak and the first foreign guests were from Greece. The snow cover on the slopes in Shiligarnika was 60 cm, but Todorka and Platoto offered 1.20 m snow cover. All of the ski slopes were operational, except for the “Tomba”, which was additionally maintained by the snow cannons. The skiers on Banderishka polyana were not many, but the high speed quad that...

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Bansko Will Develop as an All-year Tourist Destination

The marketing strategy of developing Bansko as an all-year destination for tourism was promoted in the frames of the project for steady development and recovery of the culture and history tourism in Bansko. The most ambitious goal of the project is to target Bansko not only on the ski and mountain tourism market, but also to stress on the unique ethnos, culture, traditions, history and architecture of the resort.

The work on the project starts on Dec 01. It will last 12 months and is...

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