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Festival tourism and events will attract tourists in Bansko, during the summer season

information by Bansko municipal

The summer season in Bansko was officially opened yesterday on 24th May. The opening coincided with the traditional holidays of Bansko’s traditions and folklore festival for authentic songs.

The festival program will continue with the summer theatre festival form 01 – 07 July in Bansko. Guests and residents of the resort will be able to observe the best spectacles for the season.

The international Jazz Festival is one of the oldest jazz festivals in Bulgaria and the most prestigious event in the culture program of the town. The jazz stage will gather stars form all over from 8th – 13th August 2009.
This year Bansko will host the summer festival “Bansko beat” for the first time. Guests of the resort will be able to enjoy famous performers and the best of the Bulgarian pop and rock music.

The festival of the mountain film will close the festival calendar. More than 80 films form 25 countries are expected to be shown during the festival. Guests this year will be Walter Bonatti, the legendary alpinist from Great Britain Chris Bonington, the best contemporary climber Alexander Huber and the famous American director and operator of mountain films Mr. Michael Brawn, who climbed Everest five times.


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