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Marc Girardelli Supports Bansko


The legendary alpine skier Marc Girardelli stated that Bansko is a popular name abroad.

Girardelli visited Bulgaria for the official opening of the news skiing season in Bansko and the announcement of Bansko as the “Winter Capital on the Balkans”, announced BTA.
Except Girardelli, Bansko also welcomed Peter Popangelov, Marc Girardelli, Andreaz Wenzel, Maria Walliser, Josef Strobl, Leonhard Stock, Luc Alphand and Michael von Gruenigen.

“I am from Austria, but I live in Switzerland, very often I travel to Germany and Bansko is already known in these countries. The resort needs more investments and improvements. Thus more people from all over the world will come to Bulgaria and will be interested in knowing the country.” stated the legendary skier, who is already a honored citizen of Bansko.

Girardelli came with 20 of his friends from Austria, Switzerland and Germany for the official opening of the new ski season in Bansko. He also pointed, that the International ski federation was easily convinced to give Bansko the chance to host a round of the World Cup, as the resort is really good. Usually the resorts wait around 20 years, to be recognized as appropriate for such big events, commented Girardelli.

The local authorities are convinced that Bansko needs to continue developing and new equipment and infrastructure development are needed.

Later the minister of Economy Traicho Traikov said, that Bansko deserves the attention of the ski starts, that came for the official opening of the ski season. He prized the eight alpine skiers, who made a demonstration downhill on “Alberto Tomba” ski slope during the weekend. The minister also stated that Bulgaria has a lot more to offer to all guests visiting the country.


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