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Bansko awaits Russion guests


Bansko ski resort in the Pirin mountain in Bulgaria expects numerous tourists from Russia. By tradition Russian tourists arrive in the Bulgarian mountain resort after the New Year holidays.
"Their vacation starts on January 5 and the good thing is there are no more canceled flights from Russia," Irina Nikulchina - director of Bansko Tourist Association said. However, dozens of Russian tourists arrived earlier. "We have just accommodated 40 Russians in our hotel. They have reservation for a week, but many will stay two weeks," employees of a four star hotel told.

Hotelkeepers from Bansko consider Russian tourists are the best guests as they know exactly why they have came on vacation - to enjoy themselves, to rest and to do some shopping. Tavern and shop owners are pleased by Russian tourists.
"Russians do know how to give themselves pleasure and they have money to ensure enjoyment. If the daily budget a Greek tourist is 20 euro, the daily budget of a Russian holidaymaker is 200 euro," hotelkeepers said. People in tourism business in Bansko prefer Russians because they know how to drink.


Bansko 2 28/04/2012 15:00



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