Active Summer Holiday in Bansko

Make your summer vacation active and unforgettable!
Pirin Mountain offers many opportunities for active tourism among virgin nature during the summer. Its thick century old wood and tiny picuresque pats, cool springs and sunny meadows are the ideal sets for your ATV or bike trip. Apart from this there are some historical and cultural treasture that are woth to be seen, hidden along your road.

SILKY HOLIDAYS LTD. presents to your attention several options for summer activities in Pirin Mountain and Bansko, Razlog and Katarino resorts in Bulgaria! We will secure expirienced guide-instructor for you and your friends, as well as everything necessary to make your Pirin experience unforgettable!

Make you choice now!

ATV Routes:

1. Katarino – Kulinoto – Katarino: 51 EURO
2. Katarino – Yavorov rest-house – Katarino: 77 EURO
3. Katarino – Kalininska Meadow – Katarino: 26 EURO
4. Katarino Cross: 18 EURO
5. Katarino Short Tour: 18 EURO
6. Katarino Big Tour: 51 EURO
7. Katarino Tour: 41 EURO
8. Katarino – “St. George” Chapel – Perivolas – village of Bachevo: 77 EURO
9. Katarino – King’s Highway – Kulinoto – Predela: 77 EURO
10. Katarino – “Virgin Mary” Church (IX century) – Godlevo: 87 EU

Note: The price includes: a guide-instructor, insurance, helmet and protectors!

For more information and reservations please contact us!

Mountain Bike Routes:

1. Katarino – Kulinoto: 33 EURO
2. Katarino – Yavorov chalet: 33 EURO
3. Katarino – Kalininska Meadow: 26 EURO
4. Katarino Tour: 15 EURO
5. Katarino Long Tour: 31 EURO
6. Katarino Short Tour: 26 EURO
7. The King’s Highway: 41 EURO

Bike Routes Combined with Sightseeing:

8. Razlog and Bansko – Dancing bears Park: *33 EURO
9. Razlog and Bansko – “St. St. Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat” Church in Dobarsko village: **33 EURO

*The price excludes: Tickets and entry fees for the park!
**The prece excludes: Tickets and entry fees for the church!

Note: A guide-instructor, insurance, mountain bike, helmets are included in the price! The personal equipment should include suitable for the tour sport shoes and clothes, sun-glasses and sun protection products!

For more information and reservations please contact us!


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