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Bio Body Balance Programs in Bulgaria

Park Hotel Pirin, Spa Hotel Devin and Grand Hotel “Murgavets” developed a special “Bio Body Balance” Program for reasonable body mass reduction.

Fit body and high self esteem!

The program is recommended by the clinic for “Metabolism diseases”, part of UMBAL “Tsaritsa Ioanna – ISUL”

1.Bio Body Balance Program is lead by a professional team of doctors.
2.Who can participate in the program – the program is aimed to help adult people with overweight problems.
3.Effect from...

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Winter Sports for Children: Safety rules and tips

There is nothing more fun than the winter sports. At least during the winter.
Just ask a kid, that had hast had a downhill on the skies or sledge or has finished skating on the nearest ice rink.

However both the kids and the parents should be aware that strict safety rules should be kept when practicing all of the winter sports.

Here are some safety tips for safe games in the open during the winter holiday:

The child should be kept warm – warm clothes and nice shoes are the...

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A Southeastern European conference called Go2Balkans begins in Sofia on November, 25 bringing more...


The medieval capital of Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo is the third most affordable tourist destination more...


Bulgaria was granted the approval of the World Tourism Organisation to create a World Tourism Museum more...

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net