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Bio Body Balance Programs in Bulgaria

Park Hotel Pirin, Spa Hotel Devin and Grand Hotel “Murgavets” developed a special “Bio Body Balance” Program for reasonable body mass reduction.

Fit body and high self esteem!

The program is recommended by the clinic for “Metabolism diseases”, part of UMBAL “Tsaritsa Ioanna – ISUL”

1.Bio Body Balance Program is lead by a professional team of doctors.
2.Who can participate in the program – the program is aimed to help adult people with overweight problems.
3.Effect from...

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Winter Sports for Children: Safety rules and tips

There is nothing more fun than the winter sports. At least during the winter.
Just ask a kid, that had hast had a downhill on the skies or sledge or has finished skating on the nearest ice rink.

However both the kids and the parents should be aware that strict safety rules should be kept when practicing all of the winter sports.

Here are some safety tips for safe games in the open during the winter holiday:

The child should be kept warm – warm clothes and nice shoes are the...

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Love, Love, Love...

St. Valentine’s day - most people nowadays find it a bit sloppy or even get sick just of the thought for million pink hearts, postcards, balloons and silly gadgets everywhere around us.

The holiday may be a little too exaggerated by the ideals of massive consumption, advertisements and false ideals of what the perfect love gift should be.
We must admit that this crazy Valentine enthusiasm goes a little too further, even for our office, predominantly occupied by romantic young...

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Pamporovo opened the ski season on 19th December 2009

The official opening of the ski season in Pamporovo took place on 19th December 2009. The newest attraction is the complete lightening of the ski slope Snejanka 3 – the Wall. Thus all ski lovers will be able to ski even during the night. Nonstop medical service will be also provided I the resort.

This season Pamporovo offers 19 km ski slopes which can be supplied with artificial snow if temperatures remain around 0°C. A brand new six quad cable car as well as a great number of amusement...

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Prepare yourself for the ski vacation: The winter through sunglasses

The sunglasses are no doubt an inevitable accessory for everyone during the summer.
However they are even more necessary during the winter, as they protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, which are proved to be more intense during cloudy weather, than in a clear blue sky.

We have prepared for you some of the proven facts: in broken clouds the intensity of the sun rays can reach 50% more than in a typical sunny day.
The skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive, thus the best protection...

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Summer Fun Holiday Ideas

Surfing in Bulgaria

It is now time to substitute the web surfing with a real surfing through the wild waves of the open sea.
The holiday on the sea is an excellent opportunity to ride the surf board and enjoy the freedom. The Black sea cannot boast with huge waves, but they are definitely a challenge. However the sea offers excellent conditions for windsurfing. Some of the best sites for surfing in Bulgaria are:
- Campsite Gradina;
- Zlatna Ribka campsite;
- Kavaci...

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Four years in Bulgaria - and it keeps getting better…

While there is a wealth of detailed advice about finding and buying the right property in the right location in Bulgaria, there is very little information about what life here is actually like. So, after four years of permanent residence, Adrian and Toni Musgrave share their experiences across a number of key issues for expats and explain why the country is now their ideal lifestyle choice.

It is estimated that around 58,000 foreigners now live in Bulgaria, where all the major towns and...

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One Absolutely Different Christmas

Can you imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree or without Santa Claus? Or, even worse, without presents?

Well, in Bulgaria the Christmas tradition seemed to be totally different! If you wonder what was it like, go on reading. You can have a true Bulgarian Christmas at home and can be real fun! All you need to know is a couple of things.

1. Not one, but a lot of holidays!

The first of them is called “Ignazhden” after the Holy Hieromartyr Ignatius the...

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8th December – Bulgarian Students Celebrate. Celebrate with Them!

On 8th December 1888 was found the first Bulgarian University – Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. That day was started the higher education in out state. It is a holiday because no modern country can exist without its students, who are its future men of law, politics and diplomats. But this is just one of the reasons for students to celebrate.

Worldwide and in Bulgaria too, students have been very energetic historic figures. They were one of the initiators of the democratic changes in...

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The Old Wedding Ritual, a Part of the New Tourist Product

In Bulgaria exist over 50 wedding customs and rituals, preserved their authentic form till our days. Their spectacularity and variety are at the same time one of the preconditions they to be used as an adroit tool for attracting tourists in the region they come from.

Successful example about this is about 200-year celebration of the Kalinitsa Custom. This unique feast, also called Sun’s Wedding because it marks the beginning of the summer, is connected...

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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net