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Health Tourism in Bulgaria

What is “health tourism”?
Health tourism can be generally described as a specific intention for traveling for health care, which is supported by the health insurance companies. According to some of the Bulgarian specialists the medical tourism is a good opportunity for shortening the waiting list of patients in some European countries. For example, patients in the UK may sometimes have to wait for 6 months for a small procedure, while at the same time Bulgaria has a reserve of...

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Winter Spa Emotions on the Black Sea

The heavy snow has covered the whole country and we are all looking for a peaceful and warm place to escape from the cold winter spell. The cold sand on the beach and the thunderous sea provoke my secret desire to dive into the infinite azure.
Although the hot summer days full of emotions and jolly sunny rays are still far away, I know that I can again find my getaway on the Black sea coast. Several top quality hotels present great offers for a dreamt spa vacation with a scent of a vast sea....

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The 14th of February – love holiday or wine feast

Bulgaria is a crossing point of different customs and traditions since the Antiquity. On the 14th of February Bulgarians usually celebrate the day of St. Trifon Zarezan. The holiday is dedicated to the wine and wine-growers. On this day, after a solemn mass, wine-growers cut several outgrowths of the vines in their vineyards. This is an ancient fertility ritual. The celebration continues with a “King of the vineyard” contest. The most honest and good-natured man from the wine-growers becomes a...

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The Web Cams

The winter sport season is coming and skiers and snowboard from all over start searching for the best place for their winter thrill. The determinative factors, very often are the conditions on the ski slopes and the meteorological conditions in the mountain.
That is why the tourists start following the weather forecasts weeks before their vacation. Is there going to be enough snow, are the pistes well maintained, is it going to rain, is it going to be sunny - these are the common questions...

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Opportunities for Ski, Golf, Spa and Balneology in the Region of Bansko and Razlog

The southwestern part of Bulgaria in the picturesque region of Razlog valley, at the foot of the Pirin, Rodope and Rila mountains is now being transformed into a unique tourism centre, offering great opportunities for ski, golf, spa tourism and balneology.
The climate of Razlog valley, where the...

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Dionysius’s Priestess

„In vino veritas” – cheers and let’s drink
Because real wine makes us not think
Of anxiety, concerns and gnawing grief
Because wine makes hearts happily relieved

Most of us should know that the first people, who used to live on the lands of Bulgaria, were the Thracians. Not many know though, that the God of Wine – Dionysius, together with his suite of Bacchans and satyrs have jeweled the Greek-Roman Pantheon, due namely to the Thracians. Along with the cults and the rituals in the...

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To Do List (Tips for Crazy Summer in Bulgaria)

Before you pack up for the sea, you should definitely have at least rough idea of how you want to spend your summer holiday.

Just close your eyes and think…what you would love best, what you have always wanted to do, but never had the chance…Just imagine the perfect summer holiday. Your perfect summer…

Your summer: sun, sand, sea, sex, special friends, special moments….waves, fresh air, cocktails, ice tea, fun, beach volleyball, sun-sets, aqua parks, shiny complexion,...

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Summer Top 10

Summer is already here, and we all can’t wait to splash into the cooling waters of the Black sea. All tourists looking for miles of fine golden sands, perfect weather and tons of unforgettable holiday emotions can find it in Bulgaria.
Meteorologist forecast hot and sunny weather, along the Bulgarian sea shore, all summer long with temperatures around 27C. The temperature of the sea water is already 20C and along the southern part of the Black sea coast is expected to become even...

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Veliko Tarnovo Hills: A new concept for good life.

The ground-breaking ceremony of the first self contained gated residential settlement in Bulgaria - “Veliko Tarnovo Hills,” took place on the 22nd of March, which is also the official holiday of the old capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo. The total investment is estimated to 50 million Euro. The development company has planned to complete the project in maximum 3 years.

The luxury settlement spreads over 60,000 square meters on the Troshana hill, about 2.5 km away from the centre of Veliko...

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Sopot, moutain bike freeride paradise

Can’t you feel it, the spring has come and it is the beginning of the new Mountain bike season. Many of the mountain bikers in Sofia, including me, have pieced together their new bikes during the winter and it is high time that they tested them at some other place different from Vitosha. So, on Saturday evening, after we had done about 10 downhills in Vitosha, the guys from one of the best MTB teams in Bulgaria invited me to come with them in Sopot on the next day. They chose Sopot not only...

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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net