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Belchin Bani spa resort is situated in a picturesque valley between the Rila, Verila, Vitosha and Plana mountains in the Belchin Bani resort. It is located 2 km from the village of Belchin, nestled in the valley of the Palakaria river, 14 km from Samokov, 55 km from Sofia and 20 km from Borovets resort. It has direct transport link to the city of Sofia and the towns of Samokov and Dupnitsa, Borovets resort, Rila Monastery and other places.

The climate is mild in winter and cool in summer. The air is clean and nature is beautiful and relatively unspoiled. The resort has thermal waters - 41C, with proven preventive and curative effects on the musculoskeletal system and skin dermatitis.

Belchin is located close to various tourist routes with environmental, natural and cultural orientation. Palakaria Valley is characterized by diverse mountain and plain terrain and numerous forests.

The village of Belchin is known to have existed from the period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, although different legends and assumptions imply it was established in antiquity - by the Latins. In any case, the village has millennial history, related to the surrounding villages by its means of livelihood as well as common traditions and culture. With the participation of scientists and researchers in 2006 began archaeological studies of the entire complex - the church, the cemetery and the ruins of the ancient settlement just above the village, dating its history many centuries ago.

Favorable natural endowments provide the area of Belchin village - Belchin Bani the basis for the development of modern cultural, historical, spa and eco-tourism at European level.

The mineralwater in Belchin Bani:

The mineral springs of Balchin Bani resort are well known in the country. The first studies date back to 1903, but the waters were piped for the first time in 1932. The beneficial effects of thermal waters and geothermal energy and their healing properties have been known for millennia. Temperature of the water at the spring is 40-45 C and it is characterized by mild and pleasant taste.

The water is:
- low level of dissolved solids (300 mg/l);
- bicarbonate-sulphate-sodium composition (HCO3-SO4-Na);
increased content of fluoride (about 5 mg/l) and silicon;
- high pH (about 9.7) and pronounced reduction properties.

Balneology studies and assessments have proven the curative and prophylactic effects of geothermal waters in motor organs diseases (of inflammatory, traumatic and neurological nature) and female genital organs and skin. It was proven that washing (irrigation) and treatment procedures may have a healing effect in inflammatory diseases and processes in the throat, mouth, nose, sinuses, ears, rectum and genital organs. Procedures and programs with doses of mineral water are recommended in diseases and discomfort in the digestive, urogenital and metabolic systems and general cleaning (sanitation) of the body. Increased fluorine content of thermal waters in Belchin can be considered in preventive programs against dental caries and osteoporosis. High alkalinity of the water in combination with peloids (mud therapeutic) substances provides opportunities for balneological treatment.



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