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"Sound-light" show at Belogradchik Rocks

tmbulgaria.com, 18.03.2011, 02:10 PM

Belogradchik Rocks will have a performance similar to the visual show "Sound and Light " in Veliko Turnovo.

Belogradchik municipality apply to the project "Conservation of cultural heritage and diversification of tourism supply in the region of Belogradchik fortress.

Besides creating light and sound show is planned restoration and conservation of the walls and rehabilitation of three streets leading to the fortress "Knyaz Boris I", "Tsolo Todorov" and "Petko Marinov". There will be built and a center to monitor the light and sound show.

The project budget is 5,7 million. The proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. Applying for government funding is carried out under the Operational Program "Regional Development" under the scheme "Support for the development of natural, cultural and historical attractions”.



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