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Bodrost ski centre is situated in Kartala site, just 30 km away from Blagoevgrad city in Bulgaria. Bodrost is a small ski centre in the southwestern part of the Rila Mountain, at approximately 1300 m height.
It is a starting point to numerous hiking routes in Rila Mountain, also offers perfect conditions for skiing for beginners.

The ski zone Kartala welcomes all keen skiers on a perfectly maintained, snowy ski runs from December to April.
Ski slope: Bodrost resort offers a 2000 m long ski slope with inclination of 375m. The slope is serviced by a Pomagalski drag lift with a starting point at 1400 m above the sea level. The upper station of the drag lift is at 1750m. The resort also offers a drag lift for beginners.
Plans for development: The local authorities have prepared a plan for the extensions of the ski slope to 3 500m and the construction of a 2 800m long, double chair lift with a capacity of 1900 skiers per hour.

Accommodation: Several brand new small hotels offer all modern conveniences for the perfect holiday in the mountain.
The Bodrost mountain resort is a starting point for many tourism routes in the Rila Mountain, which are excellently marked and lead to famous natural sites. The region offers two chalets – Macedonia and Chakalitsa, owned by the Bulgarian Tourist Union.
The “Parangalnitsa” reserve is a great site for eco tourism with the complete natural recourses of the Nature Park Rila.

Blagoevgrad is situated in close vicinity to the south-western slopes of the Rila Mountain, along the rivers Struma and Blagoevgradska Bistritsa. The town is located on main road E 79, south of the capital Sofia, just 20 km away from the Republic of Macedonia and 100 km from the border with Greece (200 km to Thessaloniki).



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