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Village of Bojichen (Bozhichen) is located in North-Central Bulgaria. It is part of Ivanovo Municipality, Rousse District.
Feature of this countryside are rich game hunting areas, plenty of natural, cultural and historical sights. Cut into the thick limestone layer and making many meanders the river indolently coils through forests, rocks and meadows. A rich and varied biological world with incomparable artistic and aesthetic aspect has been preserved between the high sheer cliffs in the valley.

To keep the worthy natural and historical heritage within a part of the territory of the Lom river valley, on initiative of naturalists from Rousse and by order of the Ministry of Forests and Timber Industry (nowadays Ministry of Agriculture and Forests) the Public Park “Roussenski Lom” (nowadays the National Nature Park “Roussenski Lom”) was opened in 1970.

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