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The guest reviews are submitted by our customers after their stay at Moura Hotel
General Rating 3.2 3.2/5 Average from 10 Reviews
Hotel Staff 3.0/5
Services / Facilities
2.92.9 2.9 2.9/5
Location 3.6 3.6/5
Value for Money 3.3 3.3/5
Comments on Moura Hotel

Sofia Pernikis from UK, sent on 6 January 2016

2.82.8 2.8

Hotel staff could be more friendly. No one smiled. When we were going up to the bar to order something, the staff who were meant to be at the bar, were relaxing, smoking on the sofa, and when made to get up made a face as if it was a drag for them. Receptionists were friendly enough, however, did not speak any English. Only one member of staff in the whole hotel spoke English. However, she was not very friendly and did not smile.

Value for money was good, and location was great, only a few minutes walk from the main ski lifts. There are plenty of pleasant restaurants and bars in town.
The bar in the hotel was comfortable, apart from the moody staff, with no English. You would expect hotel staff to speak English.

The restaurant was mostly closed in the evenings, and was only open for breakfasts.

On the board outside, it was advertised that the hotel has a night club, restaurant and a tourist service, none of which were actually there.

One day, all the water disappeared, but I think it was across the whole town, so it wasn;t the hotel's fault. One the first night, we had to pay for water, however the day day the hotel staff left us a bottle of water outside our door.

The rooms were cleaned every other day. A couple of times when they were not cleaned, we asked why and the receptionist said it was because the hotel was too busy (on New Year's Eve). Wifi was sometimes slow or disappeared completely. One night electricity disappeared. And every night in our room, the radiator was making a ticking noise all night. It would have been impossible to explain to the hotel staff though so we persevered.

Chris Rowbotham , sent on 24 March 2011 4.8

I found the whole experience fantastic - even with a slight delay on our taxi transfer - everything was done with upmost professionalism. I would definately recommend Bulgariski to my friends.

Julie Rollinson from England, sent on 22 February 2011 4.2

For the first 2 or 3 days of our visit there was no fire in reception this was dissappointing but later the fire was lit which made it much more welcoming

Gonen Tzur from Israel, sent on 8 February 2010

It would be the most helpful to have most up dated info, as refer to the ski conditions, daily. Which are the functional slopes? Plus personal explanation, that even in 40% functionality there is a lot to do at the ski site.
I was very impressed by the facilities at the site, and if the ski conditions will allow it, you should expect my second visit after two weeks.
Thanks a lot,

Fred de Ridder from Holland, sent on 2 January 2010 3.5

Breakfast was awfull! Dinner, I dint even try...

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