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Bulgaria's Burgas Airport Welcomes Millionth Passenger

Sofia News Agency

Eileen Nischik, who arrived at Burgas Airport on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast 11.12 EET from Cologne, Germany, turned out to be the airport's one-millionth passenger for 2010.

The 23-year-old German comes with her boyfriend Torsten Dormann to spend a week in Black Sea resort town of Obzor.

The lucky traveler and her friend were serviced in the airport's VIP hall and greeted by the airport director Georgi Chipilski in a special ceremony.

This is the eighth year that the Burgas Airport celebrates the arrival of its millionth yearly passenger. Up to now, the airport has registered a 8% growth of the number of people traveling through it.

Traditionally, German tourists have had the largest share among them.



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