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Bulgarian Black Sea South Savors 'Manna' Honey

Sofia News Agency

The seventh yearly manna honey festival kicked off Monday in the southern Bulgarian Black Sea town of Tsarevo.

“Manna” honey is a honey produced by bees not from the nectar of flowers but out of secretions left on leaves by other insects who have eaten on them. It is darker in color, reaching red-brown, and is famous for its nutritional and health qualities and unique taste. In Bulgaria it is produced almost only in the Strandzha mountains by the Black Sea in the country's remote south-east corner.

This year's event is attended by guests such as the chair of the Bulgarian Unions of Beekeepers Mihail Mihaylov, and was opened by Tsarevo's mayor Petko Arnaudov.

The festival includes a presentation of honey produced by local beekeepers, with a multitude of tastes and nuances. Visitors and tourists can grab the opportunity to get to know this unusual type of honey and to have their share in the healthy delight.



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