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Become part of the Bulgarian Nature in Bozhentsi Architecture Preserve

Yana Dikova, VisitBulgaria.net, July 17, 2008

For Bulgaria:
Bulgaria is a country, which can always surprise you with its natural beauties, hidden picturesque villages and nice, open-hearted people.
No matter whether you are a citizen of Bulgaria, a wandering tourist or just a one-day tripper you can always be amazed by the numerous beautiful sceneries Bulgaria has to offer you.

What happened to me last weekend was another proof that Bulgaria is a small paradise of its own – paradise of culture, traditions, breathtaking greeneries and most of all kind people.
The trip to Bozhentsi was pleasant and interesting. From the window view I could see green mountain slopes, well-kept gardens and yellow sunflower fields.
It was good to see that the nature is all around. Once again I could make sure that Bulgaria has to offer much more than the big capital city views and the noisy overcrowded summer and winter resorts. If you happen to visit Bozhentsi one day, you will understand by yourself.

For Bozhentsi:
Bozhentsi is a small architecture preserve, located 15 km away from Gabrovo city.
Nearby towns: Tryavna (8 km), Dryanovo (28 km) and Veliko Tarnovo (40 km).
Major attractions: “St. Prophet Iliya” Church, many museum houses, National Revival Houses with clay roofs, the Sugar Shop, the old school with the drawings exhibition hall.

No doubt Bozhentsi has its specific historical and ethnographic atmosphere. Therefore the resort is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
When I arrived in the village I felt that indescribable atmosphere spreading in my soul. Birds singing, green trees throwing shadows over the cobbled streets, old houses telling stories about ancient times...Even though the group was tired, we all took a tour around the village to explore the nearby eco trails and to see the house of Priest Iliya and the museum houses of famous Bulgarian writers and musicians. We also had the great chance to visit the Old School of Bozhentsi, where special exhibition of children drawings was displayed.
What impressed me most was the children’s imagination – they have made real pieces of work from small clay plates, grass stalks, stones and leaves. A real small world of Bozhentsi in a small exhibition hall – that was so positive!
At the end of the day, when the sun started going down, we visited the Sugar Shop. It offered a variety of honey pots, herb jams and marmalades, good for treatment of many diseases.
I smiled when a thought stroke me – those herbal mixes were the only medicines people used to cure themselves with. This village is bringing all of us back to nature, was my next thought.

The best type of accommodation you can find in Bozhentsi is a national revival house, let for rentals. It is actually the only available type of lodging. Rates are fair, food is delicious and the atmosphere – unique and authentic.

Our group was accommodated in three typical Bozhentsi houses – Parlapanova House, Tacheva House and Djelepova House. The houses are located very close to each other and a traditional Bulgarian mehana is at guest disposal in Parlapanovata House.
Djelepova House offers an outside small pool to refresh the guests during to hot summer days. For the cooler days the houses have cosy fireplaces to warm you up.
We were hot and hungry from the trip – so we had a glass of white wine by the pool and then visited the mehana.
The food was excellent - traditional and delicious! The hosts of the three houses – Joro and Bobi were very kind and polite people. Special thanks for their attitude and attention.
Now, when i think back of this trip I know how nice it is to feel home, when you are away of home.
And I can reassure you that on your way to Bozhentsi you should not worry about being away from home, because the village is a small mini world, which is ready to warmly welcome anybody!

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