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Location: Brestovitsa village is located 15km away from Plovdiv, in the Thracian Lowlands. It has always been a symbol of Bulgarian red wine and has given shelter to all who are looking for the pleasant comfort of the Bulgarian country side.
Only 3 kilometers off the highway (Rousse-Sofia), Brestovitsa is an easy retreat from the outside world.

Wine Tasting: Wine production in Plovdiv region dates from the ancient Thracian ages - a fact, which is evidenced by the numerous archaeological discoveries in the region. The tradition of wine producing, inherited from the ancient Thracians, reflects in the approach used in Todoroff Wine Cellar nowadays. This tradition, worshipped during the centuries, is based upon the fines and harmony of aroma and taste, along with the believe that making wine is a kind of Art.

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