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A day in Todoroff Wine and Spa

Georgi Georgiev, VisitBulgaria.NET

While we were checking our office e-mail, two weeks ago, we were pleasantly surprised to see an invitation form Todoroff Wine and Spa - the first boutique Wine cellars in Bugraria. Todoroff Boutique Wine Cellar is specialized in production of high quality red wines of "Mavrud", "Merlot" and "Cabernet Sauvignon" grape varieties in boutique series of limited quantity. The cellar is situated in Brestovitza village - symbolic region for the Bulgarian wine production. It is situated 150 km away of Sofia and 15 km from Plovdiv.

We made our way to the famous wine cellar on January 28th. and reached it about 12 AM. Our hosts met us friendly. The info tour started when all the guests arrived. They took us in the wine cellars at first, where the wine matures in Bulgarian, French and American oak butts. Our guide explained us everything about the wine preparing and seasoning technology in details. She also told us about the history of the wine cellar. It was established in 1945 and it was nationalized two years later in 1947. The descendants of the original owners received the cellar in the restitution process and Mr. Ivan Todorov acquired it from them in March 2001. Now the wine cellar is a pretty complex, built in National Revival Period architectural style, equipped according to the most contemporary and modern technologies for wine production.

Later our guide took us to the tavern and the brandy distillery. There is a special technology in Todoroff wine cellar, which uses wine instead of marc to produce brandy. Afterwards we went to the wine tasting hall. We took our seats around the tables and a young, charming man welcomed us. His name was Nestor, the main sommelier of Todoroff wine cellar. There was a dozen of bottles of exquisite wine in front of him. The same wine was sparkling in the glasses in front of us, and the sommelier took us around the magical world of the fine vintage wine.

He was talking enthusiastically about the fragrance of the wine and the unique taste of each sort of wine. The sommelier was speaking in a very fascinating way and the atmosphere of the wine tasting hall emphasized our exquisite experience. The walls were decorated with very stylish paintings of satyrs, maenads and the whole Dionysius retinue. A sympathetic middle aged man appeared, while Nestor was talking. He was Mr. Ivan Todorov - the owner of the wine cellar. He welcomed us, told us about the wine cellar and the wine and finally he said “cheers” heartily.

As we finished the wine tasting, our hosts took us around the hotel part and spa centre of the complex. There are 7 apartments and 7 double rooms. While we were climbing upstairs to the last floor, where the spa centre is situated, I was impressed by the ornaments of the stairway parapet, made by wrought iron. The spa centre is also very interesting designed. A bath-tube full of grape extracts is the biggest attraction of the spa complex. It is a part of the wine therapy package, which is the first wine spa service in Bulgaria.

The last pleasant surprise, that Todoroff’s Wine and Spa team were prepared for us, was a delicious lunch in the restaurant. The excellent taste dishes were specially selected as appetizers to the wine. While we were taking a pleasure to the culinary art of the chef, a folklore ensemble appeared to entertain us. The dancing boys and girls made our stay really authentic and unforgettable.

That’s how Todoroff Wine and Spa meet their guests and we are sure they have more pleasant surprises and trilling experiences for you. Enjoy!



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