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Location: Chiflik village is unique Spa resort, which is situated among the incredible nature of the central part of The Balkan Mountain Range along the riverside of Beli Osam River. The village is 160 km northeast of Sofia and 15 km of Troyan at the foot of the fantastic peak Kozya Stena (Goat Wall).

Balneology: Chiflik village is surrounded by magnificent nature. The landscape is extremely picturesque with Alpine relief. There are many natural, relief and biospherichal landmarks, which are part of the National park “Central Balkan”. But what really attracts the visitors is the holiday complex near the village. It is built next to a powerful mineral spring. The temperature of the water is 52°C. The resort offers Olympic size swimming pool with mineral water and beach, many small public places and hotels with own pools and balneology, physiotherapy and SPA facilities. The open-air pools of Chiflik are used even during the coldest winter days.

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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net