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Trigrad expects thousands of tourists for the “Orpheus mysteries” Festival

Kamelia krumova, 22 July 2010

The festival “Orpheus mysteries” will once again gather people from all over. Traditionally the mysteries will take place during the last weekend of July. The event will be opened on 24 July, Saturday with a traditional singing custom from Trigrad and celebrations in the centre of the village. At sunset all guests and residents of the village will be able to observe the unique fire custom. A torch manifest will descend to the “Dyavolsko garlo” (the devil’s throat) cave and will finish with an animal sacrifice. Mummers games and nestinar dances will be also presented.

%RIMG1A special craftsmen exhibition will be also presented at the event.
The mysteries will finish with “Opratalka” - sending off the guests. “The attendants this year will become part of a sacrament and a game, which had an important role in the believes and hopes of our ancestors”, announced the organizers of the event. The holiday this year is organized by the ministry of culture, the Devin municipality, Trigrad and cave club “Silivryak”, supported by the regional governor Stefan Staikov.

Tourists will be able to spend the night in the local houses and hotels. There will be also a campsite by the river.



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