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Summer Adventure in Devin

information by Devin Spa Hotel

Summer has arrived with a bunch of sunny emotions and dreams about refreshing experiences. It’s high time for a holiday! Where to head now? If you look for the rare combination of spa and water pleasures, adventures in a beautiful mountain, culinary treats and hospitality, the Bulgarian Devin spa and health resort is just within reach in Rhodope mountain.

Devin is a charming tidy town with a clean river, nice park and friendly people. Due to its specific mineral waters, healing climate and spa traditions, it is known as the best spa resort in Bulgaria for treatment & prophylaxis of musculoskeletal diseases.

A number of other popular health problems related to the peripheral nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, bile and liver, gout, diabetes and obesity are also successfully treated here. The thick ozone layer due to century-old forests and no industrial pollution in the area provides for treatment and rehabilitation of respiratory diseases.

If you prefer a cozy and warm accommodation, you can go for the 4-star Devin Spa Hotel where you can enjoy a large variety of world renowned spa treatments with high-class cosmetics massages with chocolate and honey, classic, hot stone and healing massages, Pindasweda therapy, anti-stress, anti-cellulite, lifting, detoxing and aroma body therapies; anti-aging, cleansing, whitening, anti-acne, nourishing, collagen and hydrating facial treatments. Here you can also benefit from healing balneo therapies such as pearl bath and tangentor, thermal therapeutic pool, spa capsule and Vichy shower.

Spending a holiday in Devin is particularly exciting out of winter when you can indulge in a number of activities in the open among which jeep safari in the mountain, horse riding in the forest, opportunity to watch wildlife and take pictures of animals, boating on Tsankov Kamuk dam, numerous eco tours, biking and fishing, a rope park. On a hiking tour you may have the opportunity to see the Orpheus flower (Haberlea rhodopaensis), a most remarkable flower which can adapt to severe drought stress. It can survive up to 31 months as a herbarium and then, when planted, starts a new life.

Near Devin you can visit a number of curious caves. Dayvoskoto gurlo (Devil’s throat) cave is home to the highest underground waterfall and the largest winter colony of Schreiber's Bat on the Balkans. The cave neighbours the grand Trigrad gorge with vertical marble rock walls reaching 350 m where you can experience an adrenaline high air trolley. Just a short drive away is located the longest cave in the Rhodope mountain, Yagodina cave, where you can see numerous beautiful underground formations such as calc-sinter lakes, “leopard skin” walls, dendrites as well as the unique cave pearls. Shiroka Laka architectural and folklore reserve, some 20 km from Devin, is a traditional venue for folklore festivals and bagpipe contests.

A must-try in Devin is the Rhodope authentic cuisine  patatnik, Rhodope klin, kachamak, lamb cheverme, katmi, purlenka with cheese, homemade yogurt with forest fruits, Smilyan beans – a variety of tastes that will touch your senses.

Come to Devin and enjoy an extraordinary vacation!



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