Golf in Dobarsko

General Information: Dobarsko is one of the most charming mountain villages in Bulgaria. It is located in Rila Mountain, in Razlog municipality, 180 km away from Sofia and only 20 km away from Bansko. The village is the southern gate to Rila National Park. There is a bus connecting Dobarsko to Razlog. It is located on the route 84 in Razlog – Velingrad direction.

Tourism: Dobarsko is a unique beautiful village, which is a real paradise for eco tourists. The nearness of the popular mountain resort Bansko located 20 kilometers north from the mountain village is very favorable for ski tourism. One of the landmarks of the village is the church "St. st. Theodor Tyron and Theodor Stratilates", which has been included in the UNESCO list and is one of the 100 National Tourist Destinations.
Everyone who has decided to stay in Dobarsko will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh mountain air and beautiful views. Many of the local people offer their houses to tourists, and some of them are even known as cultural monuments.

Dobarsko Golf Course: For the last couple of years golf tourism is becoming very popular in Bulgaria. The municipality of Razlog has some plans for the construction of 4 golf courses in 4 nearby Razlog villages. One of the villages is Dobarsko. It has perfect location, unique nature and preserved historic landmarks, so that it can offer opportunities for ski, golf and eco tourism.
The planned golf course will be constructed by BalkanStroy. The complex will be the fourth one for “Balkanstroy”, and the joint company “Rila Golf & Spa Resort” will receive 1390 decares of land plots from the municipal, for 30% of the capital. The other golf projects, which Balkanstroy took part in are Pirin Golf and Country Club near Bansko and Kulinoto Golf & Spa Resort.



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