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Location: Dobrich is situated amidst the Dobridga plateau in Northeastern Bulgaria. It is situated on 512 km in north eastern direction of Sofia, 51 km northwestern of Varna and 37 km southwestern of the border with Romania- Iovkovo. The city is a regional centre and the granary of Bulgaria- Golden Dobrudja.

History: The region where Dobrich is situated was settled since ancient times. Remains from a roman settlement from the 4th century before Christ and 4th century after Christ were found. During the 8th century after Christ ancient Bulgarian settlement was situated in the region. Many Barbarian invaders and other nomadic tribes devastated the region and the life in the region gets calmer during the Second Bulgarian kingdom.

The contemporary town arises in the 16th century as a crossroad settlement. Majour roads from the Danube River to the Black sea and Eastern Europe going to the inner sides of the Balkan Peninsula are crossing the region. The traveling Turkish tradesman Hadgioglu Pazardjik is considered to be the founder of the city. The town bears this name until 1882, when the town is renamed to Dobrich- after the famous Dobrudja boyar- Dobrotitsa.

Until the 18th century the population of the town is mainly with Turkish origin, but after the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, after the Russian- Turkish wars (1810, 1828, 1845) many Bulgarian settlers from Odrin, Kotlen and Targovishte.
In 1851 the famous Dobrich fair was organized in the town. It receives goods by traders from Varna, Rousse, Shoumen and even more remote cities. The cultural appearance of the town is created, the church and education, the girls education also started. The first Bulgarian church in the region- “st. George”, was built in 1843 and in 1844 a school was build in the town.
The town’s revival starts from 1869 when a public park, telegraph connection with Varna, post of and a public hospital were constructed.

After the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule a railway was constructed to connect Razdelna- Dobritch- Kardam and later on it was developed to reach the Romanian town Medgiya.

Sightseeing: The centre of the town offers numerous museums and places that worth to be visited- the historical museum “Iordan Iovkov”, the museum “Ethnographic house”, the house museum “Iordan Iovkov”. The Ethnographic museum “The Old Dobrich”, is exceptionally interesting as it treasures and develops the crafts in the region and the lifestyle and customs of the Bulgarians that came in the town from other parts of the country.

There are many clubs, entertainment and restaurants where visitors of the town can relax and have fun.

Photos from Dobrich


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