Golf in Dolna Banya

General Information: Dolna Banya is a wonderful small town, beautifully located in Dolnobanska valley, along the right bank of Maritsa River and just 60 km away from Sofia capital city. The town is conveniently situated south of Sofia – Plovdiv Highway so that it offers easy access to the both cities. To the south the town borders with Bulgarian Rila Mountain, where the world famous ski resort Borovets is located. Now when Super Borovets project is on the way, there are going to be a lot of opportunities for winter tourism in the region. Dolna Banya also has its own private airport fully licensed under the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority. The basic activities of the Flying Center though are just storage, maintenance and most of all training pilots for VLA.
Dolna Banya is best known for its thermal mineral water springs, the mild climate and the fresh air. For the last couple of years it also became famous with two golf projects, designed by Jack Nicklaus in the area.

Golf Opportunities: The construction of the two golf courses Golf Club Ibar and Golf & Spa Complex Ibar 2, as well as the future construction of villa zones and spa centres in the region of Dolna Banya create excellent opportunities for both investors and tourists, searching for both quiet, beautiful atmosphere and sporting opportunities, including golf & spa and skiing.

Country Golf Club & Spa Ibar: “Golf Club Ibar” is a luxurious vacation golf complex, located in the foothills of the Rila Mountain, just few miles away from Borovets ski resort. The complex offers great opportunity for a mountain golf getaway, or permanent home in a gated community with 18-holes of golf available. The golfclub offers privacy, great mountain views, and access to all the amenities of Golf Club Ibar: swimming pool(indoor/outdoor), tennis (outdoor), SPA Center with hot mineral water, 24-Hour Security, playground, park, club house and much more. This private golfing community allows four seasons of country club living. At this point 100 % short game area is completed, as well as some of the holes. Temporary golf club is now open. The complex should start fully operating in 2009. The initial idea is Ibar to be private course for owners and guests satying at the resort only.

Golf Club Ibar 2: The investment project “Golf & Spa Complex Ibar 2” is part of a large conception for Dolna Banya economical development. The golf complex will include golf club, trade centres, sport complex, hotel and spa complex, one-family villas.
The project plans construction of 18-hole golf course, Bears Best par 3, which will actually be one of the first such projects worldwide, according to investors.
This is a new conception of the designer company “Nicklaus Deign”. The amount of the golf course investments is estimated to 17.5 million BGN. The complex will feature 300 one-family villas, which will be constructed on a total area of 45 000 square metres. The construction is planned to be finished by 2010.
The new complex will be situated very close to the first project of the investors – Golf Club Ibar, whose construction is almost at an end.



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