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Location: Elena is a small town situated in the Elena Valley, 300 metres above the sea level in the heart of the Central Balkan Mountains. It is situated just 40 km south of the medieval capital of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo and 280 km northeast of Sofia.

History: Traces of human life ever since the Late Neolithic Age can be found in the site.
Later on the armies Philip II and Alexander Makedonski are known to have passed along an ancient road in the site for their campaigns in the Danubian lands. Numerous remains of ancient fortresses are evidence that Elena Valley had been well fortified during the different historical periods.
Several settlements existed in the site and were documented by the names Mezra and Istrumena Iliana.
The name “Elena” was first mentioned in a document from the late 15th century. During the Ottoman rule the tow played an important role of the so called Haidutlak rebel movement.

For its turbulent history, surviving Revival Period atmosphere and lovely natural scenery, Elena has been a destination of enhanced tourist interest.

Sightseeing: Preserved houses and compounds of different construction periods and above all from the National Revival Period can be seen in the town. Daskalovnitsata (Elena teacher – training school) the first Bulgarian pedagogical school, was established in the autumn of 1843 by Ivan Momchilov.
The Church of the Assumption of the Holly Virgin (1837), built on the site of an old chapel. The Monastery was erected by Master Miho and is a striking proof of the great skill and structural boldness of its builder.
The St. Nikola Church is the oldest one in town.
Kambourov Inn - hosts an Ethnographic exhibition nowadays.
Popinkolovs House, from the early 19th century, is one of the most typical houses of Elena. It is used as a scholarly and training base of Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia.
The House Museum of Ilarion Makariopolski – it is of great historical and architectural value.
The Museum of the National Revival and the National Liberation Struggles is of great historical significance.
The resort offers great opportunities for mountain tourism, hunting, fishing and sun bathing.
Numerous small hotels offer perfect service for the pleasant stay of all tourists willing to have a holiday amidst virgin nature and crystal clear air.



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