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Location: Elhovo is located on the left bank of the Tundzha River amidst a fertile field. It is situated 339 km away from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and is situated 37 km south of the regional centre Yambol and 94 km southwest of Bourgas.

History: Elhovo is a town with ancient history and numerous findings in the region evidence that the region was inhabited by the Thracians. The Thracian settlement that had existed here had been fortified by the Romans and were popular by the name Orudica ad Burgum. It was build along an important road, connecting Adrianopolis and Kabile.

Landmarks: The ethnographic museum (with the unique collection of costumes from Aegean Thrace in Bulgaria). The church st. Dimiter of Thessalonica with original belfry is raising in town.

The reserves near Elhovo contribute to its unique peaceful atmosphere and give its citizens the chance to have walks in the undisturbed nature, tasting of its charm and magic. The surrounding areas of Elhovo offer three natural reserves:

- “Dolna Topchia” Reserve - on the territory of the village of Izgrev, along the flow of the Tundzha River.
Area - 537.8 decares
Vegetation - forest of the longose type
Birds - pheasant, blackbird, thrush, starlings, owl, owlet
Mammals- fox, jackal, hare, wild boar, fallow deer

North of Elhovo is Gorna Topchiya Reserve, set up in 1951 for the protection of the natural thick forests.

- “Balabana” Reservation - on the territory of Elhovo
Area - 672 decares
Vegetation - longose forest
Birds - egret, heron
Mammals - jackal, fox, hare

Photos from Elhovo
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