Trekking Tour In Elhovo

Explore the ancient Thracian mysteries and the nature landscape in the border area of Elhovo

Elhovo area still keep its secrets of human life from the time of the first Thracian kingdom – Odrysian. Thracian beliefs, traditions and culture in these lands are mysterious challenge for many explorers. This three-days tour will show you some of the most ancient sights from Thracian times and the picturesque landscape of Sakar and Derventski Hills.


DAY 1:

Arriving in the town of Elhovo over 02:00 PM for meeting with the tour guide in front of the clock tower located at the beginning of the walking area in Elhovo center. This clock tower is a popular meeting place for the local people. With a short sightseeing walk you can see the main historical and specific sights in Elhovo. The walk duration is over an hour and will stop in the park area in Elhovo where nice person will be waiting to present you the nature preserve of “Dolna Topchia” (over 2 hours walk). Accommodation in Elhovo and diner in local restaurant.

DAY 2:

“Good morning” with delicious breakfast, cup of coffee/tea and fresh juice in a nice place at the center of Elhovo. Departure to the village of Golyam Dervent. The village is located in the border area with Turkey. Here we will have a walk through the border fence and entrance to the buffer border zone between Bulgaria and Turkey. Here are located the oldest Thracian tombs called “Thracian Dolmens”. They were made of big rock peaces. The old Thracian people used them to bury people with a high social status. The Thracian mysteries continue with a short trip to the village of Melnitsa. In the beginning of the trail we will stop for a picnic lunch. After lunch we will pass through eco path which will take as to groups of rock solar circles. It is still a mystery how Thracian made this rock circles. At the end of the trail will reach a little church, precipice cave and a hut called “Drynchi Doupka” where will stay for the night. Here you'll have enough time for relaxing. Dinner and overnight.

DAY 3: Breakfast. Departure to the town of Elhovo and the Ethnographic and Archaeological museum. The museum has a large exposition from the ancient times until now. At 12:00 AM we will say Good bye each other and will end our trip in Elhovo area.


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“Dolna Topchia” preserve; the town of Elhovo; Thracian dolmens – the oldest Thracian Tombs; Thracian solar circles; Ethnographic and Archaeological museum in Elhovo.
trekking, walking, exploring the Thracean heritage and the nature in Elhovo area
3 days/2 overnights
Price per person:
Price for party of min 4 persons - 77 Euro per person;
For more than 4 persons - please send us an enquiry.

The price include:
Guided tours in the town of Elhovo, "Dolna Topchia" preserve, tracian dolmens, thracian suns; 2 overnights; 2 breakfasts; 2 dinners; 1 lunch (picnic); transport over the tourist sights in the area; entrance taxes for the museum in Elhovo.
March – November
Elhovo – Golyam Dervent – Melnitsa – Elhovo


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