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2013/04/01 21:34:31

Gabrovo - the 'Laughter Capital' of Bulgaria Celebrates April Fool's Day

Gabrovo, known as the "laughter capital" of Bulgaria, celebrates April Fool's Day on Monday.

Gabrovo is located some 220 km North-East from the capital Sofia. The city's residents are famous for their unique sense of humor and stinginess.

The citizens of Gabrovo are known to enjoy poking fun at themselves. They often claim to clip the tails of their cats to keep the room warmer and stop their watches at night to spare the worn-out of the cog-wheels.

The city is also the residence the...

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2011/08/26 12:17:45

“Etara” Architecture Ensemble near Gabrovo will hots a Crafts\' Fair

60 masters from all over Bulgaria will participate in the International Fair of the National crafts, which will be held in Architecture- ethnography museum “Etar” in Gabrovo, from 03 – 06th September.

The craftsmen will present special techniques in pottery, knife making, carving, weaving, knitting and etc.

Guests from Italy, Scotland, Romania, morocco and Japan will also demonstrate traditional crafts for their regions.
The program also includes folklore performances.

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2011/08/25 12:50:37

International Fair of traditional crafts "Etar", Gabrovo

The 9th edition of the International Fair of traditional crafts will be held from 03 – 06 September 2011 at the Architectural Ethnographic Complex "Etar" near the Bulgarian town of Gabrovo.

Over 75 craft masters will demonstrate their mastership. There will be participants not only from Bulgaria, but also from Romania, Morocco, Italy, Scotland, Great Britain, Japan.

You will be able to see numerous different crafts:
- pottery-making, cowbell-making, cutlery, carpet industry, coppersmith’s...

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2011/04/08 17:29:03

James Warlick planted a white pine in Park Bulgarka

The American ambassador in Bulgaria James Warlick visited the Architectural-ethnographic complex Etura, Gabrovo while his visit to the Nature Park Bulgarka.

The reason for Warlick’s visit in the region of the town of Gabrovo was the celebration of the Week of the Forests.

The American ambassador planted a white pine which is one of the natural coniferous tree types in the region of the National Park...

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2011/03/31 14:46:23

Open Doors Day at the House of Humour and Satire in Gabrovo

The House of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo will celebrate its 39-th birthday on April 1-st – the International joke day. Interesting activities for people of all ages will be presented during the day. The program includes:

9.00 - 18.00 - Screening of cartoons films (The Three Fools popular series by Donyo Donev and Nu, pogodi! ("You Just Wait!") by Vyacheslav Kotyochkin) (3rd Floor Lobby)

9.00 - 10.30 -...

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A funny film fest starts in Gabrovo

A funny film fest starts in Gabrovo today. Thus the town of humor and satire revive the traditions of the festival of Comedy film from 1991. Guests of the event will have the chance to view films from 7 countries.

Thirteen movies, one documentary film and 2 programs with classic Bulgarian animation, as well as a presentation of 1 book are included in the program of the first event of the international festival. 8 productions will compete for the special Gabrovo prize and the Bronze cat. The...

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The house of humour and satire in Gabrovo become 38 years old

The house of humour and satire in Gabrovo become 38 years old on 01 April 2010. The festive program included an exhibition of child paintings and rich musical program.

A monument of "the Gabrovo cat" was opened during the festival.

A special program was prepared for the kids – popular fairytale heroes entertained all guests of the event. The festival also offered a special thriftiness hour with unique advices how to save our money.

The festive day ended with an exhibition “The cats”...

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International Biennial of Humor and Satire in the Arts

We are pleased to inform you that on May 16th, 2009 the Museum HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE in Gabrovo, Bulgaria will inaugurate the 19th INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE IN THE ARTS. The Biennial exhibition has got six categories: cartoons, graphics & drawings, paintings, sculpture, photographs and posters that are open to humour artists from the world over without entry fee, but with all the freedom of technique. The competition subject matter is THE WORLD LASTS BECAUSE IT...

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Folk Crafts Fair in Etara

The Folk Crafts Fair is organized at the "Etar" in September every year. This year you can call on it on 7th, 8th and 9th September. It is conducted under the aegis of the Minister of Culture and the Mayor of Gabrovo.

The main purposes of the Folk Fair are to present the Bulgarian folk crafts at the general public, as thereby contribute to keeping the interest in them alive, and to encourage the cognitive interest in different craft skills, connected with the...

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Etar Architectural-Ethnographic Complex is Top Destination in Gabrovo District

In the passed 2007 the Architecture Ethnographic Complex ‘Etar' was among the most preferred tourist spots in the district of Gabrovo.

This was revealed by the visitation statistics of the open air museum near Gabrovo city (Central Bulgaria).
On the cobbles streets of the Bulgarian National revival bazaar had took a walk more than 190,000 tourists. 26,000 of them were foreigners.
The French people were the most frequent visitors - 4,119.
The Russians are second - 3,600 tourists,...

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