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Location: Harmanli town is situated 33 kilometres east of Haskovo where the Harmanliiska River pours into Maritsa River. The transcontinental route from Western Europe through Sofia to Istanbul passes through the town.

History: The town is known for its 500 year history. It is believed that the town was formed by caravan seraglio which was built to host those who traveled to Tsarigrad. The name of the town is connected to the Turkish word “harman”, which means even site, where wheat was stored.

Sightseeing: Harmanli is famous for the Church of St. Anastasias, The Kyumyurlyka Dam which offers well developed tourism facilities and “Izvorat na Belonogata” (The spring of the white - legged woman) Compound with the Gerganina drinking – fountain, which is actually the biggest attraction of the town. The beautiful Bulgarian maiden Gergana, which actually inspired the construction of the fountain, was also a poet inspiration to the great Bulgarian poet Petko R. Slaveikov.

One of the present biggest attractions close to Harmanli town is the luxurious Hotel Restaurant Prikazkite, which is owned and managed by the biggest pop- folk producer in Bulgaria. Life music and folk shows are often performed on spot.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net