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Haskovo city is situated in Central South Bulgaria at the northern foot of the Eastern Rodope Mountain, 225km from Sofia.

History: Haskovo is among the oldest cities in Bulgaria. The first settlement in the region emerged 7000 years ago. The name of the town changed and some of the sources announce the name Marsa. After the Ottoman invasion the town bears the name “Haskioi”. This name was later transformed in today’s’ Haskovo. The great battle near Klokotnica took place in the vicinities of Haskovo. It was then when Tzar Asen II beats the army of Despot Teodor Komnin.

Sightseeing: The town’s historical museum offers information about the history of local lifestyle and customs. Constant exhibitions in the museum are “Archeology”, “Ethography”, “Revival and National- liberation struggles”, “The town’s lifestyle – from the XXth century”. You can see the house of Gurko, where General Gurko stayed during the straggles for liberation of the town. The highest statue of the Holy Mother with the new born child in the whole world is situated in Haskovo. The oldest mosque on the Balkan Peninsula is also situated in the town- Eski Dzhami.

Green areas: The natural park “Kenana” is situated in the vicinity of the town. It offers wonderful opportunities for sport, relax, tourism, and 15 km away from Haskovo are the Haskovo spa baths. Nearby Klokotnitsa village 7 km away from the town, the remains of the Asenova fortress and the monument in honour of the battle in Klokotnitsa can be seen.

Wine and Dine: The central streets of Haskovo are lighted and with many coffee shops and clubs, with live night life. Many restaurants in traditional Bulgarian style, offer national and local dishes in the town.

Haskovo Arts: is a town with rich cultural traditions and achievements in the field of science and arts. Traditional literature days “South spring” takes place in the town in April every year. The fair of National arts “Beautiful Thracia sings and dances”, takes place in the “Kenana” park. In the end of September every year the Jazz fest of Haskovo entertains the citizens and visitors. The official holiday of the town is 8th September.

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